Welcome to my collection of my photos from the past 5 plus years. Here you will find galleries of photos from my travels in the States and Europe, the beautiful scenery of Colorado where I am fortunate to live and many wildlife photos primarily of raptors and backyard birds, as well as the Elk of Rocky Mountain National Park. 
I am a retired software developer who has always dabbled with photography. Retirement has allowed me to become nearly completely absorbed with taking photos & photo editing. It has become a hobby, or perhaps a bit more than a hobby, that brings me much joy, a sense of accomplishment and even a few “Wow How Cool!!” moments. When you capture that sunset, the Osprey catching the fish or the final touch you make in Lightroom to make the photo pop or glow ….. it’s just plain fun and often results in a "Warm Fuzzy".  
I hope you enjoy my photos half as much as I did creating them. ​​​​​​​If you liked or interested in any of the photos them send a hello below